Hey, guys!

Hey, everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I’m finally back at college, so I plan to be writing here more regularly.

I moved into an apartment this year, so that means a lot of cooking (or really just going out and reheating leftovers so far).

Moving back to college also means I’m far away from the stables that I train at. This is more important than running out of leftovers. I’ve finally found a barn that I fit in well with, and adore the trainer, but now I’m away again. Wish me luck on the nerve racking experience of finding another barn down here for the school months.

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-The Vegan Equestrian


Hi, Everyone!

This is the post excerpt.

Hey, guys! I’ve always thought about starting a blog, so here it is, my first post! I promise my others will be more interesting!

This will be a place for advice I’ve found in my transition to going vegan, my trials and errors in the equestrian world (I started late, but pretty much dedicate my life to it), possibly an occasional sorority advice post or something relate to my college major transition. If there’s anything you’d like to see in this blog, I’m very open to suggestions!

Thank you,

-The Vegan Equestrian